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AnyClub is a digital platform that helps sports clubs to manage their members, teams, tasks, training reports, and payments. The mobile application is attached to a robust java backend portal capable of handling a large influx of users and transactions per minute.

Our client needed help updating the mobile application to a modern stack and a web re-skinning plus performance upgrade to improve the customer experience and address users’ feedback from the app stores.

The project went from a new mobile application framework to updating RESTful endpoints to improve backend responsiveness, to change migrate the payment gateway from WePay to Stripe, leading to logic restructuring on the backend and impacting the use on the web app for the content management system as well as the mobile application. Additionally, our team tackled changes to user privacy and implemented the changes from iOS 14 and 15 regarding user focus and notifications control. What started as a re-skinning project continued to be a progressive enhancement project with new short and long-term challenges such as wearable app versions, edge computing services, and architecture changes to micro-services.


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After understanding both the business and user's goals we set off to do more user research. This led us to a feature prioritization that would elevate the product to being profitable. Some of these implementations included payment & invoice flows, and team member management. We worked on an agile workflow to allow continuous iterations in product refinement as well as implement customer-centered feedback to address existing issues and new features. 

Our team assessed the mobile app reskinning task and advised to move the mobile app to React Native. The amount of work required for the re-skinning would be as substantial as starting the product in a new framework. Additionally, the re-skinning of an older framework would lead to roadblocks as mobile OS change and release new features. .

On the backend side, our team led the work with the product owners in integrating payment capabilities, player performance assessment services, and general performance enhancements to the backend services as well as a leaner and well-structured frontend.

Our customer centered approach to development drove our team to refactor the existing CMS to ensure a delightful  experience for administrators who use the CMS in different channels by introducing the latest version of bootstrap responsive framework to the web product to reduce time to market with widely accepted frontend adaptations that easily meet the UI design changes tested with the target audience.

During its final phase, our development team channeled their tasks on replacing the previous WePay payment gateway  with Stripe, a widely used and payment gateway with fast-to-market SDKs for  a better customer experience with  checkouts, credit cards security, recurring payments, and notifications for both the mobile app and the CMS.

“Working with the teams at AM has been a true pleasure. A combination of talented graphical artists and technology experts was crucial in designing & deploying our sports management platform AnyClub. Our continued partnership has allowed us to focus on our business while they make the pixels perfect.” -Chris Giametta, CEO


Following multiple rounds of UX iterations , task flows , and polishing up the backend/frontend of their system, we are proud and confident to deliver this digital solution that will facilitate the experience for many coaches, players, and managers in any sport leagues.


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