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GuideX is a state-of-the-art marketplace for outdoor expeditions, empowering clients with detailed information to best suit their passions and connecting them with objectively reviewed professionals to maximize their lifelong outdoor experience.

We were tasked to create a digital solution that would connect hunters/fishers to exploration guides by providing visibility to all necessary information, exploration options, and direct messaging. We also had to build a backend that would allow the guides to have current information about themselves, their upcoming trips, and allow them the ability to advertise to promote more business with a unique ad bidding model based on traffic and demand for specific zip code.


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The first and most crucial challenge was to understand and correctly implement a set of highly specific business rules, different from the ones used in most eCommerce platforms, heavily focused on the core logic for the required advertising services. To accomplish that functionality, we implemented advanced aggregation processes based on location, metadata, user preferences, and a bidding system to offer custom experiences for each web or mobile visitor.



Following multiple rounds of iterations in the user interface, task flows as well as polishing up the backend/frontend of their system, we are proud and confident to deliver this digital solution that will facilitate the experience for many passionate explorers and guides.


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