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How to boost Marketing and Sales by improving your UX

Tunnel vision is a real budget burner for Marketing and Sales teams. Here are some tips on how can we improve the User Experience (UX) to reduce costs and improve results.

8 ways your website looks dated.

We all know that the older generation has been through situations that have given them wisdom in certain areas. However, this is not how it works on the web. If your website looks dated, it expresses the opposite, making the page's content irrelevant and obsolete.

7 Mental Triggers to Help You Sell More

Have you ever been urged to purchase something online because the ad said: "Only five places available" or "You only have 24 hours to buy this product"? Well, I did. And if you did, too, you must know that your brain fell into a mental trigger called scarcity. We will discuss this term further. 


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