May 31, 2022

Why your Social Media content is not getting any traction, and how to fix it.

Having a clear content strategy for your social media will connect to your audience and make people want to share your content. Here’s how to do it.

Content marketing has become the most effective way to attract new leads to our businesses. Having a clear content strategy for your social media will connect to your audience and make people want to share your content. Who doesn't want to live in a world where customers buy from you without having to be cold-called or sent a thousand emails?

Yet, when you venture into creating content, most of the time, you end up frustrated. The scarce "shares" and "likes" mainly come from your employees or bots, not the people you intended to reach.

If you have been through this situation before, I know it can be frustrating, but don't worry; here's an important tip that will help you hit the right audience, and get the engagement you wanted.

The three E's of content marketing

The idea is that a piece of content must embody one or more of these traits for someone to consider sharing it. And the more of these Three E's a piece of content can show, the more likely it is to be engaged with, get shared, and have an impact.

#1 Entertaining

Do you know what a "meme" is? It is what many businesses have been using to entertain their audience. Anything that is "hyped" can be used for it.

The idea is to make your clients laugh, at the same time, connect to you. The easiest way is to check current trends and adapt your post. Or, use something familiar in your industry and try to use that for entertainment.

Most of us want to use social media to unwind from busy workdays. Having that in mind will help you decide what to post to entertain your audience.

If you want your brand to sound more serious, you can give it a try and then assess the response of your target audience. You never know if your followers are as serious as you think.

#2 Emotional

Emotional value is likely the essential trait of the three. Content with emotional value appeals to people deeply, often compelling them to act or increase their connection to a brand.

We recently celebrated Mother's Day, so why not post a picture of the moms on your team and congratulate them? Whatever touches people's hearts will work. Ideas vary from a photo of your staff members' pet to a client's success story.

#3 Educational

The reason why many people are on social media is for educational purposes. With things changing and evolving fast, people do not want to miss out on the latest. How-tos, tutorials, tips, etc., can help educate your audience and add value to the product or service you provide.

There are several examples of this. If you are a marketing agency, post tips on how to increase engagement on social media. If you have an e-commerce solution, post what your clients can do with your products.


Everyone is looking for a ready-to-go post template or an editorial calendar full of post ideas. I strongly suggest that you avoid that and start paying attention to what your audience is consuming in terms of content and guide your posts in this direction.

It does not matter if your post is entertaining, emotional, educational, or all three. It needs to speak and connect to your audience.

Avoid posting things just for its sake or because your marketing agency told you you had to. Remember that quality over quantity is a must-have when you are starting.

Next time you are going to make a post, come back to this article and check if it fits in any of the three Es. If the answer is yes, post it! Then, come back again and tell me how that worked for you.

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